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  • Data Backup & Recovery

With TechnoLiving Data Backup and Recovery service you will have peace of mind.

  • We backup all 100% of your computer. All your data, files, photos, music, documents, all your programs, even Windows and all the computer settings.
  • Backups run multiple times a day and data is stored locally and in our cloud servers. All backups are encrypted.

  • Reduce recovery time by being able to recover entire servers, workstations and their data and do so using either local or cloud-based storage.

Data backup and recovery with TechnoLiving in South Florida is the most important service you could ever sign up for, as TechnoLiving specializes in computer, data, and hard drive backup, as well as system recovery from USB drives, hard drives, RAID drives, NAS drives, Databases, SQL, Quickbooks, etc. We use a unique system that backs up all your computer and server information and stores it in a dissimilar server off site so you’ll always be able to reaccess your data quickly.

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Regardless of your business size, you need dependable data backup and recovery in South Florida. Technoliving can provide that to you – call us today and prevent the unexpected from jeopardizing your company.

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