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TechnoLiving can offer you several different options for your home theatre experience. Anything from helping you to select the right TV or big screen with projector and the sound system that suits your needs. 

TechnoLiving will do all. Our team will mount your big TV or your home theater screen at the proper height and distance for the best viewing from your seating area. Our technicians are experts with the training and certifications to do your project right the first time. 

It’s not just about the TV or big screen, it is also about the sound system when it comes to home theater experience. TechnoLiving’s technicians will also calibrate the sound levels in your home theater. For the best possible surround sound your subwoofer and speakers require some specific positioning of distance and angle. The distance that is important here is not just the distance between each speaker but also from where you will be sitting in the room.  

What are my options if I want a customized home theater room? 

TechnoLiving can offer you options such as a video projector,  motorized or fixed screen to larger TV’s not available in stores that are mounted in a home theatre while you are surrounded by acoustically refined sound for your private home room.

As an addition to all the wonderful sight and sound TechnoLiving can offer you all the automated theater room and home automation options needed to suit your tastes and make you as comfortable as possible while you enjoy the comfort of escaping into your private theater.

Enjoy a movie night, super bowl party, home entertainment, streaming or playing games in your own private home theater and media room. TechnoLiving will create the ultimate customized home theater for you. 

Call our experienced team today if you want the home theater system of your dreams. We provide home theater installation and setup for Wellington, Delray Beach, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, FL & the surrounding community.



Design your project is the first step to understand the customer needs.


Installation of the equipment and programing your new system for an easy and friendly experience..


Equipment needs to be setup and program.


Home automation Life's better when everything works together and at TechnoLiving that is what we do.


System Programing by our certified techs gives you the best experience.


Maintenance With Technoliving and the affordable maintenance programs, it's easy to keep your system working with more efficiency.

Looking for a new sound experience?

Experience how Dolby Atmos revolutionizes cinema sound with captivating, multidimensional sound that moves your mind, body, and soul. Call us today to schedule and appointment with our home theater expert.

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