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TechnoLiving SONOS Dealer is Your #1 Stop for SONOS in South Florida

At TechnoLiving we carry all the SONOS products. SONOS Soundbar, Subwoofer, Beam, Play1, Play5, Connect, Connect AMP and more.
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1 – Start your home theater with a SONOS PLAYBAR.

Flat-screen TVs deliver HD video but need a soundbar to deliver HiFi sound. Watch your TV’s high definition video come to life with PLAYBAR’s epic full range 3-channel HiFi sound. Plus, you can wirelessly stream music to make a party of music.

The SONOS PLAYBAR can be wall mounted or placed on the TV cabinet in front of the TV. PLAYBAR sets up over your home WiFi and is easily controlled with your TV remote or Sonos app.

2 – Add deeper bass to your home theater

The SONOS SUB wireless subwoofer lays down thick layers of bottomless bass anchoring the sound and adding depth to everything you see and hear.

Add SUB to your PLAYBAR setup to add the low-frequency channel and experience blockbuster sound with this 3.1 home theater system. Because it is wireless and designed to perform whether positioned horizontally or vertically, you can put the SUB anywhere you want in the room.

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3 – Have a better experience. Add rear speakers for surround sound

Choose your rear speaker pair from either the PLAY1 or PLAY5s and instantly set up a couple of wireless speakers as rear channels to create an immersive 5.1 surround sound system.

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