Outdoor Theater Experience

Treat yourself to the best of both worlds with a home theater system right in your back yard. The Grand Cinema allows you to enjoy entertainment and the beautiful outdoors without having to go far. With multiple home theater setups to choose from, you can find the best option that will fit your space. In addition to the Grand Cinema’s stunning visuals, Technoliving offers luxury sound system installation to accompany your viewing. Whether you want to enjoy your cinematic escape alone or with company, a personalized home theater system with surround sound is the ultimate backyard upgrade that can be enjoyed for years.

If you are ready to upgrade your Wellington, Jupiter, Delray Beach, FL home or any of the surrounding areas, contact Technoliving today! We can assist with any questions you have about installation, set up, pricing, and more. 

Grand Cinema is an Outdoor Theater is available in three standard sizes to meet your needs. With superior brightness and a crisp LED P3 HD display like the ones used in professional stadiums.

Grand Cinema Model 103.

The smallest offering in the line offers a 103” P3 resolution
screen, weatherized enclosure with a single motorized
lift mechanism, and built-in audio system.

Grand Cinema Model 130

The mid-sized unit steps up to a 130” P3 resolution
screen, weatherized enclosure with dual motorized lift
mechanisms, and built-in audio system.

Grand Cinema Model 155

The largest in the product range includes a massive 155”
P3 resolution screen, weatherized enclosure with dual motorized
lift mechanisms, and built-in audio system.

Once you have selected the screen size that is right for you, pick from other notable options:

– Enclosure Color
– Enclosure Finish
– Audio Complement – 3.1, 5.1, 7.1, or complete ATMOS packages available.

TechnoLiving can assist you in selecting just the right size and installation
type for your site, including completely customized solutions.

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