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Frequently Asked Questions

How much practice have you had at drilling, lifting and installing any electronics? Our Team has the professional training and experience to do the job right! When you hire a handyman is he licensed, insured and a technology expert? Probably not! When you want the job done right is why you should hire TechnoLiving.

Our base price for TV Mounting and Installation is $149.99 (without a TV mount), and custom solutions such as mounting onto surfaces like brick and concrete are available for an additional cost. See above on our website for our basic plan, premium plan and ultra plan. We have a plan for all your needs!


Make sure and measure the distance between your HD components and the TV. Make sure you purchase an in-wall rated cable so that you can run your connections through walls. Make sure the cables that you choose come with extra-tight connectors, which are important for keeping things secure. More expensive cables are made of higher-quality materials and come with a higher data transfer speed rating measured in Gigabits Per Second. better quality cable will allow for more bandwidth for streaming 4K Ultra HD & HDR content and ensures signal directness and clarity, which is important when running cable over distances.

Yes, by selecting the conceal cables option all the in-wall rated cables will be hidden. If your TV is directly above your cable TV or satellite TV hookup, and that plate is in a single space between your wall studs, as it should be, our expert technician will conceal your cables with ease and white glove service! If you have a home theater and there is equipment that is located away from your TV,  your in-wall installation will require customization. In this case TechnoLiving will make an appointment for a free consultation in your home so that we may quote you a price for your particular customized install.

Usually, parts and labor for this service call is $149. However, should you have an unusual situation as to what lies behind a wall, where studs are, where the electric outlet is situated or what material the wall is made may change that price.This price change would be based on labor and even parts. 

When you call to schedule your appointment you will be given a 2 hour window of time as to when our Technician will arrive. Once our technician starts the install in your home it should take 90 to 120 minutes. 

Absolutely, our Technicians will install into almost all wall material. We charge nothing extra for the standard drywall however for harder materials, such as brick, concrete, stone, cinder block and hollow block, there is an extra charge of $79.95.

This is a common question. This requires a free consultation from one of our TechnoLiving experts. we have to see your specific fireplace, etc.

With TechnoLiving the customer is the boss and we will satisfy your needs. Typically with today’s new TV technology, such as 4K TV’s, it is suggested by the manufacturers that the center of the TV be at eye level when you are seated.



Yes, our team comes prepared. Our trucks are equipped with all the necessary parts and accessories you may need.

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