5 Cool Tech Gifts Under $100

christmas-1015355_300x225If you’re scratching your head wondering what to get the gadget lover in your life, check out the ideas below. You’ll be impressed and amazed, and whomever you’re buying for will be blown away by any of the following fantastic gift ideas!

The Amazon Fire HD Tablet

Amazon’s Fire tablet got a lackluster reception when it was first released, and that’s a real shame, because it is an underappreciated device with a lot to offer. Even better, it packs an incredible amount of functionality into a tablet with an impressive 7” display, and does that at a frankly amazing price. You can get the tablet, plus an amazing suite of extras, starting at just $49.99. Hundreds of thousands of books and movies at your fingertips. Unlimited cloud storage for any pictures or videos you take with the device, access to the Amazon Underground App store, which is loaded with freebies and extras to suit any taste. The machine is WiFi capable, and comes standard with 8 Gigs of storage, which can be expanded to a total of 132 Gigs. All that and a seven hour battery life too – what’s not to like?


The Anker Classic Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

You know the biggest problem with smart devices? They invariably have lousy speaker quality. There’s just no way you can get full, rich sound from the tiny speakers they use in almost every smart device made. It’s disappointing, but it doesn’t need to be. If you, or someone on your Christmas list is an audiophile, give them the gift of big sound in a tiny box with the Anker Classic. The speaker connects to most every device, has an impressive twenty-hour battery life, and delivers that rich, deep sound that smart device owners have been craving. A superb gift, and well-priced at just $26.99.


Google Chromecast Audio

Here’s another one for the audiophile in your life. Give the gift of virtually unlimited streaming music, with the Google Chromecast Audio. Just plug it in, and cast an endless variety of music from all your favorite devices. A virtually unlimited selection at your fingertips for music on the go, anywhere, any time, and all for just thirty-five bucks? You won’t find many better deals that that. Turn even the humblest set of speakers into a bonanza of internet music, casting from YouTube, Pandora, and a host of other great sources. All you need is a WiFi connection and speakers to plug into and you’re done!


3Doodler Drawing Pen

It’s a pen! It’s a 3d printer! Actually, it’s both. The world’s first hand-held 3d printer. You can actually “draw” real, three-dimensional objects into existence, simply by waving this pen in the air. Need to sketch out a quick prototype in 3d so that the person you’re talking to can understand your vision? It’s easy to do with the 3Doodler, and imagine the look of wonder on the faces of everyone who watches you do it. They’ll probably ask you to do it again just so they can stare.

3d printers are still exotic enough that many people don’t have firsthand experience with them, and almost no one has seen a hand held one before, so you’re sure to be the talk of the office when you start using yours in presentations. A superb gift that any techie will love, for just $99.99.


The Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable

Let’s get a little retro with this last pick. Do you miss vinyl? A lot of people do. The rich tapestry of sounds simply offered a better, more pure listening experience than the antiseptic technical perfection we get from today’s digital world.

If you’re a throwback to the simpler days of vinyl, then you’ll love this modern turntable. Well-crafted and durable, housed in a wooden case with speakers built in, you can enjoy your old vinyl albums on the go. Simply close the latch and take your tunes with you. Sure, it’s a bit bigger than your iPod, but honestly, you won’t get this kind of sound from any digital device. A real treasure, and it comes in multiple colors too, all for just $79.95. Too good a deal to pass on.


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