3 Effective Means to Audio Distribution

How To provide quality sound throughout a building 1. Sonos Sonos is finally a speaker for the moden era. This wireless high-quality sound system works by connecting to an online or local sound source. Using their “fill every room” software, you can connect up to a maximum of 32 devices using a secure wireless mesh … Read more

Microsoft Could Add Mode To Windows 10 To Boost Gaming Performance

Microsoft has been hard at work experimenting with various ways to optimize performance. One of the most recent experiments to come to light is the advent of “Windows Gaming Mode.” Slated to be released to Windows Insiders users in January of this year, and the rest of the installed base sometime in the spring, the … Read more

Firefox Users To Get Major Speed Boost For Their Browser

The fortunes of Mozilla’s Firefox browser continue to improve thanks to the company’s ongoing efforts to improve their product. With Microsoft Edge hemorrhaging users at a record pace, Firefox has been picking up significant numbers of Microsoft’s former users as they look for a more stable browser solution. In recent months, Firefox has been testing … Read more

Mac Thunderbolt Hack Could Leave Your Computer Vulnerable

Do you use any sort of Thunderbolt device on your Mac? If you do, and you haven’t been keeping your OS up to date, you’ll definitely want the latest security patch. Recently, a security researcher named Ulf Fisk found a devastating security flaw that allows a corrupted Thunderbolt device to gain complete access to your … Read more

Google Creates New Operating System For Internet of Things

Google is about to change the game where the Internet of Things (IoT) is concerned. Recently, the company announced the release of Android Things, an operating system specifically designed for internet objects. One of the main limitations internet objects have is memory and computing power, so the new OS is designed to operate with an … Read more

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