Benefits of Choosing VoIP as Your Communication System

Benefits_of_Choosing_VoIPEmail is being used more than it ever has before, but that does not mean you can skimp on a good phone system. Communication is important, and without it, you simply cannot do business. When the time comes for you to upgrade your existing communication system in your business, you want to make the best choice for your company. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers many benefits to companies that enable them to improve communication and make it easier for employees to work from virtually anywhere.

Cost Savings
Perhaps the most attractive part for any business is the cost savings you see. Instead of long distance calls traveling over traditional commercial lines, these calls now move over the Internet at a fraction of the cost. For large enterprises, VoIP can significantly reduce equipment, manpower and maintenance costs as well, making it the perfect solution for any business looking to save money.

Geographical Boundaries Removed
With a VoIP system, you don’t have to worry about what country you are in. All you need is an Internet connection. For example, one of your workers could travel to London and take their phone. If you wanted to reach them, you could simply dial their usual number.

Phone Portability
In a legacy configuration, a phone number is assigned to your business and then to each of your employees in specific locations around your office. Moving one of these lines requires some work and could even include a visit from your phone company. With VoIP, you can take your phone with you virtually anywhere and work from any office, or even at home, and still be able to answer your calls.

Application Integration and Collaboration
Many VoIP protocols run on the application layer and can easily integrate with other applications such as email, instant messaging and social network applications. This will give your employees more flexibility to work and connect with others both inside and outside your organization.

Service Mobility
Just as the phone itself becomes portable, allowing you to make calls from anywhere, your applications will go with you as well. This allows you your complete suite of connectivity options whether you are sitting in your office at work or on the couch in your home.

Rich Features
VoIP systems offer many features that traditional phone systems simply can’t provide. These features can include click-to-call from websites, personalized ring tones and even selective call forwarding. These features will help you completely customize your phone experience the way you want it and not the way a phone company says it should be.

Improved User Controls
Most VoIP systems come with a graphical user interface that is most often web-based, and it allows you to easily control every aspect of each phone on your system. With this interface, you can quickly add or remove features and even allow your users to change information such as call forwarding with just a few clicks.

The benefits of VoIP are almost endless, and while most companies will find the cost savings one of the most attractive features, there are many other added benefits of the system that can help you boost the productivity of your workforce. The next time you have to consider upgrading your existing phone system, you should give Voice over Internet Protocol a serious look. It could help you save money and give you access to new features and connectivity that you can’t find anywhere else.

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