Effective Antivirus Management is Key

effective_antivirus_management_is_keyEffective antivirus software is one of the first choices you should make for your organization. Keeping your data safe and ensuring that your company computers are always up and running free from viruses and other types of malware should be at the top of every business owner’s list. Good antivirus software can help you keep your computers clean and running efficiently as well as prevent a potential data breach that could result in the personal information of both your employees and clients being stolen. Before you sit down and install your first piece of antivirus software, however, you must formulate a security plan that you follow each day.

Talk With Your Employees
Regardless of how large or small your business is, your employees should know all the rules and company policies involving security and viruses. Explain to them what they can and cannott do when they download files and teach them the best practices to keep your data safe. When upgrading or switching to new security software, explain to them how it works and get their input on the good and the bad with it so they are a part of your business’ solution to security and not part of the problem.

Find the Right Application
You cannot just install any old antivirus application. You must carefully review the features and be sure it will meet the needs of your business and provide the level of protection you are seeking. For example, some security packages come with a firewall while some do not. Depending on your individual network, this might be needed, but if you already have your own firewall, it is simply overkill. Review the features, install processes and update processes for every piece of antivirus you consider before you make your final decision.

Upgrade Often
Once you have chosen the right piece of antivirus software for your business, your job isn’t over. Install the antivirus application on all your computers and be sure each one of them is staying up to date with the latest definitions to be sure you are protected. When the antivirus companies release patches or new versions of their software, don’t wait too long before you upgrade. Keep your software as current as you possibly can to help ensure the maximum level of protection for your systems.

Create A Backup Plan
No matter how good an antivirus application is, there is still a chance that something will get through and infect your systems. If this or other security breaches do occur, you should know in advance what you need to do to stop the breach and repair the damage. Create a backup plan for how you will proceed in the unfortunate event of a security breach. Be sure you maintain proper backups of your systems at all times and be prepared to use them if need be.

As your business grows and changes, you must also continue to revise your security and antivirus plans. However, utilizing strong antivirus software now and always maintaining the best security practices are the best defenses against potential cyber crime. Having an effective security plan is one of the first steps any business owner should take if they hope to grow their business and thrive in the future.

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