Tech Investments Every Business Should Consider

tech_investments_every_bu_75398_142998Marketing Applications and Software

With the automated options available for businesses, it is no longer necessary for your online marketing plan to be managed manually. Both time and money will be saved if you research, review and choose a package that makes sense for you and your company. This isn’t just limited to things like email campaigns and Facebook posts; take advantage of long range planning tools like website analytics, landing page builders, ROI calculations and other valuable information you can take forward to continue building your business.

The cost for this technology can be thousands of dollars, which may be money well spent. There are basic versions that cost far less that may help your company see what the benefits of using an automated system can be, helping you make a decision whether to purchase a more complete edition of the application.

Mobile Web Design: Be Responsive

If you depend upon Google to drive traffic to your website, it is crucial that you take a hard look at how mobile-friendly your site is. Many of your clients and customers use mobile devices to view your offerings on the small screen at least some of the time right now.

It is certain that the percentage of both your established customer base and new leads using a mobile device when checking out your company will continue to grow. Google will reward sites that do mobile well. An investment in responsive web design will pay off as it helps improve your business’s ability to engage and inform on a mobile screen.

Multiple Display Monitors

Two or more monitors available to view while at your workstation will help you be more productive. When it is important to compare and contrast information, having four or more windows open simultaneously can make the workflow seamless.

Standing Desk / Treadmill Stations

More and more research suggests that workers who sit most of the day may be causing a significant risk to their health. Taking a walk and moving around is an option, but to keep the work flowing at the same time consider investing in standing desks or their even fancier cousin the treadmill work station. Studies have demonstrated that workers are more productive when they stand or mix standing and walking with sitting throughout the day.

Flexible Point Of Sale System

As your customers are already browsing within your store, mobile device in hand, equip your staff with up to date point of sale (POS) devices to make buying and paying for your merchandise or services just as simple as the smart phone or wristwatch the consumer may be using. Make use of a variety of apps that will take payments where your staff is standing with the customer rather than transitioning to a cash desk or kiosk. Mobile devices will also aid your staff in checking for other sizes, colors and stores to find the customer exactly what they want immediately.

Retail Store Security

As mobile devices evolve, your retail establishment may be better protected from theft and fraud. Complex security systems may be beyond your budget, but as your staff roams the store they can be equipped with wireless video capability from any mobile device. When considering what types of portable POS systems you use think about adding inexpensive but effective applications that can survey the area and record video if necessary to stand in for more elaborate and costly dedicated security systems. Wearable technology such as glasses, lanyards and watches may be a good it for this kind of technological enhancement to your current security system.

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