Common Technology Mistakes Small Business Make



It’s no secret that technology has revolutionized virtually every type of business. Big or small technologies like computers and networks play a huge part in modern business. When it works right, we don’t even think about how easy it makes our lives. However, there are some common mistakes businesses make that can cause some real problems. We’ll talk about the top three mistakes, coming up next.

Technology can help make managing a business much easier, but there are also a number of mistakes that can slow down your company’s productivity.

Mistake #1: Running Outdated Hardware or Software

The hardware and software that runs your business is as much a part of operations as the employees that use them. Keeping that equipment and software up to date and free from problems can be the difference between profitability and downtime. It is important to create a technology plan that replaces computer equipment on a three to four year cycle to ensure consistent operations and update software on a regular basis.

Mistake #2: Not Having Enough Security

Small businesses are vulnerable to security breaches and are often seen as easier targets by hackers. This is because small businesses believe that they are not big enough for hackers to care about. It’s important to make sure that your network is secure. A common mistake small businesses make is not using a business-grade firewall to secure their network. If you are unsure of the firewall you have, or if you only have a consumer router, you should contact your technology consultant for an evaluation.

Mistake #3: Not Backing Up Data

Having a backup of your data is the best insurance policy you can have. Though most people know they should backup, a common mistake is to not start backing up until they have actually lost information. Having a backup strategy that includes regular backups and testing will save your business should there ever be a hardware failure or disaster.

Though these are just a few of the common issues we see, fortunately all of these can be easily resolved by an IT support professional. If you would like to make sure your systems and networks are secure and preforming at their peak give our team a call today!



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