What is cloud computing?



Cloud computing is a term both businesses and home users are hearing more often, but what is it? Simply put cloud computing is using computers on another network to run software and do work you don’t want on your own computers or networks.

A great example of cloud computing is Gmail. Gmail allows both businesses and home users to have email servers running 24 hours a day 365 days a year without having to run big, expensive servers or have in-house IT staff managing them.

Cloud computing allows you to take advantage of sharing large computer network without shouldering the time and expense on your own. This allows you to have professional class software and service at an affordable cost.

There are three important ways cloud computing can benefit you:

1. Removes the cost of expensive hardware

In the past, running things like Point of Sale systems and email servers required businesses to make a heavy investment in hardware. Today, cloud computing solutions allow you to implement software solutions quickly without a huge upfront hardware investment.

2. Lowers cost of management

When companies ran email and line of business servers in house, another cost that came along with the hardware was hiring specially trained IT staff to manage the software and hardware. With cloud computing solutions there is no need for in-house specialists to manage the systems and software

3. Cloud computing allows you to be flexible.

Cloud computing allows you to buy only the services you want when they are needed. Adding and removing new applications or services to your business can be done instantly. There is no need to wait for new software and hardware to be configured.

Overall, cloud computing makes it easier to grow your business without a ton of hassle.

However, as with any solution, there are benefits and drawbacks to cloud computing. Before you make the dive yourself we suggest you call an expert who can answer your questions. When you are ready to know more about how Cloud Computing can benefit you, give our team a call.



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