The Impact of Remote Management Services

Remote Management services offer online facility monitoring capabilities and off-site management solutions that can help a client maximize automation investments, enhance their customer service and move to a higher level of financial performance from their facility. Remote Management services are useful in enhancing the business benefits of your network and significantly reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). RMS provisions are based on the principles of co-management and out-tasking, and allows your company to have a good medium between out-sourcing and co-management.  Typically, remote management services are designed to provide a constant, detailed view of network health whilst assuring you of the effectiveness of the RMS management team through progress monitoring. Remote management services are essential in allowing you to focus on core business strategies rather than network maintenance. Some remote management services offer a platform that enhances collaboration, streamlines operations, and establishes the network as a platform for business growth. Remote Management Services use software to provide the tools to effectively manage and monitor your network and to alert when problems occur on your network.  Through careful management and reporting, remote management services collect statistics to identify potential and current network performance problems. Remote management services are critical in ensuring that the network operates smoothly and enhances uptime for your users.

Remote management services offer tools to resolve problems remotely, and if needed, can dispatch field engineers on site. It is the service provider’s responsibility to ensure real time management and effective monitoring for client critical systems. Remote management services are important because they allow you to focus on developing and expanding your business with the assurance of a well maintained online platform presence and network.

Various remote management services companies offer different options such as optional workstation monitoring, server level monitoring, and onsite appliance monitoring and management of your data center infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is an important service which offers many benefits for the business owner. Outsourcing IT services allows your Information technology team to focus on leveraging the benefits to support your core business strategy, increases availability and minimizes the financial and resource effects of downtime, reduced operational costs and avoids the costs and challenges of building a dedicated management team including hiring, training, retention and tools and processes.

There are different tiers of service which you can request from a remote management service company. For example, offers standard service which includes remote monitoring, incident management, problem management, and service level management; and elective service provides a usage- based block of monthly hours that allows you to utilize remote management services for customer- requested activities and changes to your data center environment. The elective service provides management and monitoring of critical network operating parameters, management and monitoring of file server and network device performance, failure prevention of business – critical systems, prediction of component failures, monitoring of infrastructure equipment, remote problem resolution, quick recovery from failures, and monitoring of backup jobs.

The standard service also provides application networking remote management services which monitor and manage WAN optimization, application acceleration and load balancing technologies; unified computing remote management services which provide physical and logical monitoring and management of all unified computing hardware, OS and virtual machine environments; server networking and virtualization remote management services, which monitor and manage third – party discrete servers, OS elements and virtual machine environments; and data center switching remote management services which monitors and manages unified fabric switches, high performance switches, optimized rack switches and routers.

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