4K TVs

Why is everyone talking about 4K TV? 

It makes everything you’re viewing look finer, more enhanced, sharper, real, amazing! 

Whether it’s watching a movie or favorite TV show, accessing YouTube, looking at your photos from your smartphone or having a super bowl party 4K technology makes everything look better. The difference in clarity is significant. 

Also known as Ultra HD, 4K is four times the pixels found in HD TV making the color and detail of the picture quality remarkable. 

4K technology is available in everything from TV’s to 4K Screens, projectors, computer monitors and cameras. 

Commercially, 4K photo cameras and 4K resolution film has been around since 2012. 4K screen  resolution in TV’s and monitors has been coming on the scene since 2013. 

Currently, 4k TV, computer monitors, projectors and cameras are dominating the marketplace. 

TechnoLiving sells and installs 4K TV’s and home theater screens every day. The reason every TV we install today is 4K is because it means a sharper image. A sharper picture engages you and captivates you making your experience more fun and exciting. 

The ability to sit close to the TV screen is intoxicating. This allows the screen to fill more of your visual field which draws you in making one more engrossed in the picture. The image is crisp even when you are just a foot or two from the front of the screen.

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