“The Jetson’s” are back

The invention of the television has influenced not only our lives but our economy ever since it became a vital household item.  Americans needed a TV like they needed any other major household appliance and by 1957 over 40 million TV’s were being watched in homes all over the United States. One of my most treasured childhood memories is from July 20,1969 when all the neighbors along with the whole country were eyes glued to their black and white TV’s watching Neil Armstrong take the first steps on the moon. Groups of people in our neighborhood sat their lawn chairs on rooftops and with extension cord connected to extension cord, connected to extension cord connected their tv’s rooftop as well. Their motive was to be out under the stars as close to the moon as they could get watching this historical moment in time.

The television opened us up to the world and beyond. In mankind’s wildest dreams it was incomprehensible that one day we would sit in front of a black and white box and be able to watch live as a man walked on the moon.

When my family got a color TV, I became very popular in my neighborhood. I remember how unbelievable it was to see color TV for the first time when I watched the Beatles live on the Ed Sullivan show. It was February 9, 1964 and 73 million other homes were also watching that night. I sensed how my parents who grew up in the depression were in awe of this modern world emerging before their very eyes in their very own home.

My first cell phone

The purchase of my first cell phone was a Motorola in the 1980’s and it was a “chunk of change”.  In those years a cell phone was not mainstream and was considered a luxury item. It was expensive, big & bulky, heavy and awesome. To have the freedom and ability to be so available from almost anywhere was great and not only for communication but also my bank account. For business people time is money and it allowed them to utilize their time tenfold.

August 6, 1991

When the internet became available to the public on  August 6, 1991 once again  the world changed dramatically and since 1991 the internet continues to change our lives more and more.

In 1997 Wi-Fi was first released to consumers allowing us to be even more connected both at home and in the public away from home. Wi-Fi technology has helped in advancing and marketing the automation of our homes and businesses.

Making our lives easier

As technology has grown in the last 60 years that I have lived on this earth so has the human minds appetite to adapt to this new world of devices.  I often reflect to my youth and remember watching “The Jetson’s” a popular TV cartoon that was about a family and their life in a future world. We are living in that world now. Perhaps not in space, yet, but it is no longer the future. It is here! The internet of things is a global revolution that is benefiting all of mankind. Making our lives easier, more efficient and safe.

Today Smart Homes

Today most homes have a TV in almost every room. TV home theaters are as common as having a den or family room added to your new home or present home renovation. Ring doorbells and Nest thermostats are not for the next generation they are the common choice today. Smart devices have entered our world  and are accepted as part of the natural order of building or renovating your home.

People want to make their homes more efficient, more convenient for their lifestyle and safer. Part of this is the ability to control these things themselves and I don’t mean just the devices but that control allows them to control what they want. Whether they want the temperature higher or lower in their home when they are away or want to see who is at the front door of their house while they are at work or they like the lights turned on at certain hours whether they are there or not. The ability to simply control our environment is an additive to our lives that we never dreamed of before. Just like with the invention of the television!

By Jill M Duda, Sales manager at TechnoLiving.

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